Courgetti Noodle Pot

This is an idea inspired by the DIY noodle pot from  Hemsley + Hemsley who’s 2 books are my  Lunch Share inspiration atm. The Vogue Clip Top jars from Nisbets are perfect for this recipe.

The base:

  • 1″ of Miso paste.
  • A quarter piece of stock cube.
  • Few drops of Oil (Chilli, Flax, Olive, Sesame).
  • Few drops of Soy or Tamari.

Add all the above (adapting to suit your tastes) into a clip top jar.

Top with Courgetti to fill about about 2/3 of the jar.  (I made my own with a julienne peeler using both yellow and Green courgettes, a bit messy but fun.)

Then add anything you like on top of the Courgetti to add flavour and make each mouthful different. I used:

  • Boiled egg.
  • Fresh or frozen peas/sweetcorn.
  • Chopped spring onions.
  • Sliced mushrooms.
  • Chopped peppers.
  • Toasted seeds.

Seal the lid and take to work. Then at lunch time add hot water to cover the Courgetti and stir the bottom of the jar to mix in the base ingredients. Seal the jar and let it sit for a couple of minutes then munch happily.


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