Layered Salad Pot

This is an easy ‘eat at your desk’ working lunch as you can either fork it straight from the jar or spill it out into a large wrap and roll it up burrito style (leaving a hand free for typing and mouse clicking if needed).

I started with a layer of steamed giant cous cous pearls with a garlic, parsley & olive oil dressing.

Then I added a layer of pink sliced radish for a spicy punch, sliced button mushrooms, toasted pine nuts and raw tiny cauliflowers florets. (I love the crunchy texture of uncooked cauli in a salad.)

The top layer is a handful of frozen peas (they will have thawed by the time we eat this at lunch), sweet pepper, celery and crumbled feta for added protein.

Over the top I drizzled a little homemade chilli oil and some toasted black sesame seeds and cayenne to add colour – well as they say ‘the first bite is with the eye’…



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