If you love preparing salads or cooking, then this group is for you. If you work with others or on your own, you can use this site for recipes from our lunchshare club.

What is lunch share?

Are you bored of sandwiches, canteen food whilst in work, or maybe you don’t have time to catch with colleagues, whom by the way you spend more time with than your spouse!

Well, lunch club is a food ethos that is summed up with this statement

Loving food, loving cooking for others, loving moving your culinary skills to a new level, love trying out new recipes, loving sharing ideas about new herbs or food products, loving sharing cooking techniques, just sharing with friends, your love of food prepared or made with love by your friend.

That is lunch share.

The ideal number in a lunchshare group is five, although any number other than zero is great. It’s just that five allows you to prepare or cook food once a week. Explain to the team how it was made, whilst enjoying the food together, and also the bonus of tasting your friends/work colleagues food for the remainder of the week.

Meals can be salads, pulses, or anything. But we do recommend sticking to vegetarian. As this will take your cooking skills to a new level.

Love food Like Us


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